My Dog Is Scooting – What Can I Do?

My Dog Is Scooting – What Can I Do?

My Dog Is Scooting – What Can I Do?

You’ve come home to a disaster like no other. A trail of something foul stretches across the floor, and at its end sits your faithful four-legged companion. Even though they’re wagging their tail as if absolutely nothing’s wrong, you can’t feel quite as content: Somebody’s going to have to clean up the smeared mess, and old Fido probably won’t be much help.

Could better dog grooming supplies and a change of routine help make life easier? Here are a few tips on stopping your furry pal from feeling the need to scoot around and leave you with the gross aftermath.

Should You Use Baby Wipes for Dogs?

Contrary to what many frustrated pet owners may believe, their dogs don’t drag their butts across the floor out of spite. Instead, scooting behavior often means that canines could use a bit more attention in the grooming department.

According to veterinarians, a dog that scoots may have issues with its anal sacs, a pair of glands that sit on either side of each animal’s anus. These sacs are connected to duct structures that exit the dog’s body, and experts believe that they might have something to do with things like marking territory and similar social behaviors. The problem is that anal sacs can get backed up, which is often why dogs scoot around to clear them out.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Dog wipes make it easy to keep a pooch’s rear end cleaner, especially when they include natural enzymes and soothing cleansers.

Simply swabbing your furry pal’s butt on a regular basis may help them feel more comfortable and less prone to dragging around. Even though this won’t solve more serious medical issues, such as tumors or severely impacted glands, it has the potential to alleviate the irritation that prompts your pet to scoot. Tushy wipes may not be able to enter the sacs to extract foreign substances or fecal matter, but by removing dirt from external surfaces, owners can reduce the chances that it will get driven further in or make their dogs’ behinds itch (plus it gets rid of bad odors)!

How to Clean With Dog Wipes

Dog grooming supplies come in many forms, and most pets are sensitive about letting people mess around with their behinds. In other words, it isn’t always easy to convince an animal that you’re only trying to make things better.

Before plunging into the fray with some tushy wipes, check whether your pet actually needs cleaning. Start by lifting their tail to inspect for dirt and fecal matter. If things look clean even though the animal is continually scooting, then they might be struggling with other hidden problems, such as allergies or parasites. In these cases, head to the vet without delay.

In most other situations, you’ll want to use your baby wipes for dogs as gently as possible so as not to worsen their irritation. Wipe away from the anus softly to avoid pushing things in deeper, and pay close attention to the dog’s reaction. By being kind and considerate, you’ll make the experience a positive one.

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