Natural Relief for Dogs with Itchy Skin

Natural Relief for Dogs with Itchy Skin

Natural Relief for Dogs with Itchy Skin 

As a pet owner, it’s hard to watch your dog suffer from persistent itching. Over time, the frantic scratching and licking will eventually start to take a toll on your pup’s skin. Fortunately, there a natural remedies available for dogs with itchy skin. Let’s take a look at the most effective ones.

Manage Dry Skin

Every dog needs to be bathed on a regular basis. However, a regular shampoo simply won’t cut it. The wrong dog grooming supplies can actually sap moisture from your dog’s skin. This in turn may cause intense itching. A good shampoo for dry skin should supply the necessary moisturize. Among the best ingredients for hydrating the skin is colloidal oatmeal. It helps heal tissue and balance the skin’s pH levels. After you switch to a natural dog shampoo for dry skin, expect to see a dramatic improvement.

Protect Your Pet’s Coat

Some pet owners tend to forget the importance of caring for their pet’s coat. Like natural dog shampoo, a natural pet conditioner will help relieve itching. In fact, it’s among the most essential dog grooming supplies. When used on a regular basis, natural conditioner will detangle and revive your dog’s coat. The natural luster will be hard to overlook. Because synthetic fragrances can aggravate dry skin, make it a point to only use fragrance-free natural products.

Effectively Treat Hot Spots

As you may know, it’s not uncommon for dogs to suffer from hot spots. While some hot spots are caused by insect bites, others stem from dandruff. The best solution is to get a dog shampoo for hot spots and itchy skin and/or a healing Hot Spot Relief Spritz to kill germs and soothe your dog’s skin. Botanical ingredients, such as tea tree oil and aloe vera, will help to quickly soothe the inflammation. Furthermore, a natural dog shampoo, like earthbath, will not wash off topical flea treatments, so you can keep those irritating fleas at bay.

Use Only Natural Dog Wipes

Some people are tempted to use regular old baby wipes on their dog. Unfortunately, this is a very bad idea. Humans and dogs have very different skin. Some commercial wipes contain ingredients that are actually toxic to canines. Even small amounts of certain irritants can trigger itching. Make it a priority to always use genuine dog wipes. These wipes contain natural ingredients that will only benefit your dog’s health. Baby wipes for dogs are perfect for quick cleanings. Wipe away drool and clean dirty bottoms the safe way. If your dog has hot spots, try earthbath Hot Spot Relief Wipes, made with a pet-safe amount of tea tree oil and aloe.

These natural solutions are bound to give your dog relief from itching. Dog grooming supplies, like dog shampoo for itchy skin and baby wipes for dogs, should be kept on standby at all times.

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