Is Tea Tree Oil Safe for Dogs and Cats?

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe for Dogs and Cats?

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Lots of people love using tea tree oil for skin conditions due to its antibacterial properties and refreshing scent, but is tea tree oil safe for pets? The good news is that more natural dog grooming supplies are including tea tree oil in their blends because it’s not only safe, but an excellent deodorizer and skin-soother too.

Tea tree oil is a great ingredient in natural pet shampoo and dog grooming supplies when used in a concentration between 0.1 to 1 percent. Pure, undiluted tea tree oil is not suitable for pets, and especially not for taking internally.

Is tea tree oil safe for dogs? This natural pet shampoo proves it:

Freshen up your pet between baths with all-natural dog deodorant with tea tree oil! A natural pet shampoo with tea tree oil that gets lots of rave reviews is our earthbath “Hot Spot Relief” shampoo with tea tree oil and aloe vera. It’s completely free of toxins and phosphates.

Plus, our earthbath “Hot Spot and Itch Relief” spritz is a hot spot spray for dogs that complements this shampoo well. Simply spray it onto your dog’s fur wherever they’re scratching themselves the most from irritations like eczema or skin allergies. It’s safe to use even on areas where they may have already given themselves scabs from biting, but this spray is for dogs only, not cats.

Dog deodorant sometimes also appears under the name of “organic pet deodorizers.” For example, our own earthbath lavender pet spritz and deodorizer also contains aloe vera and vitamin E to promote healthier skin. It makes your pet’s fur bright and shiny while also serving as a mild disinfectant to keep them healthy too! People love how this natural dog deodorant contains the essential oil of lavender especially because it’s one of the most-soothing oils for your “fur baby’s” highly sensitive skin. This spray is also just for use on dogs only.

That’s great for dogs, but is tea tree oil safe for cats too?

Don’t worry – our earthbath shampoo mentioned above for dogs is also safe for cats.

In conclusion, remember that not all essential oils are of the same quality. It’s best to only buy your products from sellers who use high quality oils in the right concentration, without harsh chemicals or other unsafe additives. Now when your friend asks, “Is tea tree oil safe for pets?” you’ll know what to tell them.

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