Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

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Walking your dog on the regular provides them with good exercise — but what do you do when the weather changes and rain starts to fall? While some breeds enjoy being outside when it’s wet, there are some dogs that won’t be keen to go on their walk when it’s raining at all. There is no need to skip the walk just because the weather changed though — after all, they eventually they will need to go potty! But there are a few things you can prepare your pup with so they are “rain ready”.

One of the easiest things you can do is fit your pet for a raincoat or something weather-proof. Not only will they be styling, but you’ll be keeping your pup warm and protected against the elements. Make sure to choose something water-resistant so that your dog doesn’t end up soaked, making them colder and less willing to comply!

While not as common, dog umbrellas can be used instead if your pup is clothing resistant. There are leashes that have an umbrella attached near the base, so they won’t feel anything constricting or brushing up on their fur. 

Rain boots made for dogs are also available for those that are willing. Not only will it keep your pups feet warm, but will protect them from the elements. There are simple rubber sock styles and ones with more grippy bottoms which can be better suited for more slippery outdoorsy areas or even the snow!

Some small dog treats kept in your pocket can also help coax a less than willing pet to go outside and finish their business. 

When you finally bring your dog back inside, make sure to towel them down as best you can. You can also use dog grooming wipes to clean away any dirt or mud that might have gotten kicked up onto the under belly and paws for a fresh and deodorized scent to avoid that “wet dog” aroma we all know! 

If they happened to take a good roll in a mud puddle the only thing left to do is a bath. earthbath’s Dirty Dog shampoo not only removes stains in fur quickly but spruces up the coat for a healthy look and fresh scent.

Walking your pet in the rain can take some getting used to but can be beneficial in many ways. For one, they are still getting the daily movement they need, and they get a chance to explore new scents in their surroundings. 

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