How to Make Your Own DIY Pet Toys

How to Make Your Own DIY Pet Toys

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Our beloved furry friends deserve nothing less than our unbridled love and affection. If you’re a pet owner, you know how rewarding it is to gift your animal with something that came from the heart. With the do-it-yourself craze on a steady incline, pet owners are opting to DIY pet toys using common household items. Below you’ll find tutorials on how to make your own dog toys and some ideas for homemade cat toys as well.

DIY Dog Toys

Ball Tug Toy
For this DIY project, all you’ll need is an old T-shirt, a tennis ball, and a pair of scissors. Make three incisions in the shirt, wrapping the ball inside two of the larger pieces. Using the smallest piece, secure the toy within the pieces of fabric to ensure that the ball doesn’t roll out. Braid the dangling pieces so that your pooch has something to gnaw on.

Sock Toy
Dogs are notorious for their infatuation with socks, so why not give them what they’ve long yearned for? Taking one of your socks, cut off the toe portion and set that material to the side. Stuff a water bottle inside of the opening and tie up the end using the piece that you cut off. Your pup will be amused by both the sound and texture of the water bottle as they sink their teeth in it.

DIY Cat Toys

Toilet Paper Roll Toy
Take a bare toilet paper roll and stuff the innards with treats. Fold the ends of the roll so that the treats are encased. Kitties love rattling noises and tasty snacks, making this the ideal DIY cat toy.

Puzzle Toy
All that’s required for this project is a Tupperware bowl and miscellaneous cat toys you have around the house. Using a utility knife, cut holes in the top of the container. These openings will allow your cat to play with the toys that are within the Tupperware. For optimal results, place circular toys within the container; that way, they’ll roll around and keep your cat endlessly amused.

If you’re looking for ways to jazz up your pet’s playtime all while unleashing your creative side, these DIY pet toy ideas are the perfect solution. Best of all, it doesn’t take a seasoned DIYer to master these projects. Most importantly, you’ll be providing your precious pet with something that was made with love.

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