What to do About Dog Shedding

What to do About Dog Shedding

We love our dogs! They are a part of the family, and can be best friends. But, what can we do when our furry friends shed hair EVERYWHERE? Whether you have a big dog, a small puppy or a bunch of pups running around, you may be wondering how to deal with dog shedding.

So, why do dogs shed anyway? The answer is an easy one. Dogs shed their hair to make way for new growth, and to maintain the health of their coat. It also regulates the body temperature of your pup and protects their skin. You can read more about dog shedding in our two part series where we explain more on how to manage your dog excess shedding when "blowing their coat."

Your pet’s hair is important, but it doesn’t need to be all over the house. Here are some tips and dog shedding products you can try to limit excessive pet hair around the house!

Healthy Diet

Shedding is normal for most dog breeds, but if you pup is shedding excessively, it may be time to take him to the vet. A healthy diet is so important to not only keep your dog in good health, but also to decrease shedding around the home (which could be caused by food allergies). Check out some healthy foods you can share with your dog in this blog. The health of your dog is not just internal, but external as well. To be certain the food choices that your dog is eating are full of quality nutrients, make sure to talk to your vet, do some research, and pay attention to dog food and treat labels. 


Let’s talk about grooming. You will want to make sure you are giving your pet the proper brushing and cleaning that they need. You can read all of our best at-home grooming tips here to help make the process at home much easier. In addition to increased brushing and grooming, we have some products that we recommend to decrease the shedding you are seeing around the house as well as keep your pets feeling nice and clean too!

The earthbath Shed Control Shampoo, and Shed Control Conditioner are the perfect start to grooming your pets to control shedding issues. This line of Shed Control products are meant to keep hair on your dogs and off the couch. The Shed Control Shampoo blends together antioxidants and skin moisturizers like shea butter, green tea and awapuhi for a clean, great-smelling dog, with less shedding.

The Shed Control Conditioner is a vegetable based conditioner that is meant to soften, detangle and reduce shedding and dander for your pets. By locking in moisture, dryness is reduced. Your pooch will have a soft and shiny coat for up to six weeks. 

Once you have cleaned your dogs, it’s important to begin a daily brushing ritual to decrease shedding. We recommend that you brush your pets for a few minutes each day to begin seeing less dog hair on the furniture! 

Know Your Pup – Be Informed

Finally, you can look into finding a professional groomer that knows your dog breed and what materials and products will help most with shedding. The groomers will wash your dog thoroughly to de-shed and remove loose hairs. Afterward, they can trim your dog’s fur and blow dry it to get any hair that is left and minimizing the home shedding. 

We love our pets so much, but we also love our furniture and rugs that collect fur when they shed excessively all over the house. You can prevent excessive shedding by keeping your dog healthy and well groomed. Now go grab your best brush and give your pup some love. 

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