muddy dog in need of a quick clean up with earthbath grooming wipes and foam

Quick Clean Ups with Grooming Wipes and Waterless Foams

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It’s only been a few days since your pet’s last bath, but suddenly they’re covered in dirt from being outside. Or – what’s that smell?

We know how time consuming a bath can be, especially with a pet that has other plans. Sometimes you just want a fuss-free, quick clean up solution to take care of incidents between baths. That’s why earthbath offers a wide selection of natural pet wipes and waterless pet shampoo options.

Wipe Away Messes

Wipes are the perfect quick clean up tool. They’re especially useful when traveling or while you’re out with your pet. They don’t require water; just one or two wipes can do the trick, depending on what your pet’s gotten into.

For full body cleaning, earthbath grooming wipes are ideal for freshening fur, removing dander and conditioning fur and skin. We offer wipes for puppies, dogs and cats and even have hypo-allergenic varieties for sensitive skin.

More Cleansing Power

For those times when a wipe isn’t enough, we’ve created all natural waterless grooming foam cleansers. We offer two varieties and each is designed specifically for cats or dogs. The green tea leaf scented formulas condition, freshen and even reduce shedding and our grooming foams for cats is a favorite with our feline friends. 

Don’t worry if your pet’s a little sensitive. Our hypo-allergenic waterless shampoos are fragrance free and condition and freshen just as well. All you have to do to quickly clean your pet is rub over your pet’s fur and then towel them off.

With ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, Vitamin E, all natural essential oils and aloe vera, your pet’s fur and skin will look and feel soft and healthy even between baths. If you have a few minutes, you have all the time you need to wipe or foam away dirt, odor and even excess hair and dander. 

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