6 DIY Pup Approved Dog Toys

6 DIY Pup Approved Dog Toys

Finding the perfect toys for your pup that are both safe and can stand up against the test of time and puppy teeth can be difficult. While we always want the best for our pup, sometimes the toys we provide have hidden chemicals and factors that may harm our dogs. By creating DIY dog toys, we can be sure exactly what materials our dogs are playing with.

We've compiled a list of the 6 best DIY pup-approved dog toys to help take the pressure of finding the perfect toy off your shoulders.

DIY toys are also a great way to save money because you can make many DIY dog toys from materials you may already have lying around your home. If you have some time on your hands and want to try making a fun toy for your pup, keep reading!

1. Wrap a Towel Around a Water Bottle

Many pups are entranced by the allure of a great empty plastic bottle. From water bottles to old shampoo bottles, the material feels great on their teeth and provides a fun chew toy. The sound also provides another stimulus that keeps your pup entertained.

Though the bottle toy may keep your pup occupied, will it keep your pup safe? Things like plastic rings that come on the mouth of a water bottle can be a dangerous choking hazard to your playing pup. After chewing for a while, the water bottle may start to fall apart, and your pup can choke on the small pieces.

By wrapping the bottle in a towel, you ensure that your pup won't get a hold of any materials he shouldn't. The noise and texture will still be appealing to your dog while they also remain safe. This also helps you out as you don't have to watch your pup as closely if a towel is encompassing the bottle.

Simply cover the bottle in a towel (one you don’t mind getting ruined!) and tie the four corners into a tight knot at the top of the bottle.

2. Cut Open a Tennis Ball and Add Some Treats

We've all seen the dog toys where you can insert treats to keep your pup occupied for a long time. The act of having to extract the treats on their own provides both mental and physical stimuli for your puppy. While those toys are another great option, they may run you a pretty penny and are made from a multitude of potentially dangerous ingredients and materials.

If you're worried about what kind of toys you're giving your pup, you can try cutting a small hole into the side of a tennis ball and inserting a few of your pup's favorite treats. Your dog can then try and retrieve his treats on his own time. With this DIY, you can use whichever treat you'd like, making sure your pup is only given food that you've approved.

Remember to ensure you are using Pet-Safe tennis balls for this as regular tennis balls often contain toxic materials and abrasive coatings which can aggravate your pup and leave dangerous small chunks of rubber.

This toy works well for pups in the middle of the chewing spectrum. If your dog is a chewing fanatic and tears through toys, this may not necessarily be the best option.

3. Treat Inside of a Box

Similar to the tennis ball, you can try adding treats to a wide variety of containers to help keep your pup entertained. If your pup is smaller or has trouble retrieving his treats from the tennis ball, consider a sealed box.

Look for what types of boxes you have around your home, perhaps from a past order from our online shop? You might have some empty cereal boxes, shoe boxes, or even some packaging from your latest delivery. Whatever container you choose, make sure you seal it with tape to create a challenge for your dog.

If your dog gets tired of the same treats over and over, try making a new recipe to put inside.

Placing the treats inside a small box may be easier for your pup while still providing ample entertainment. Your pup will have to figure out how to extract the contents while remaining safe and occupied.

The treat inside a box option may work well for smaller dogs or those who are not going to rip the box apart instantly, resulting in the end of the game.

4. Braid Your Old Shirts

If you’re looking for a way to repurpose your old clothing, consider cutting it up into strips and tie it into rope toys. While knots will work well for a lighter chewer, some may rip them apart in seconds! If your pup is tough and can chew through anything, up the ante.

By braiding your shirts and old denim, you make the material even stronger against puppy teeth and claws. Taking the extra time to reinforce the toys ensures that your pup can play for a longer period. Heavy chewers will definitely benefit from braided denim as it will take a long time for them to rip it apart.

5. A Tennis Ball in a T-Shirt

Yes, I know, this sounds funky, but check it out. Take a tennis ball and place it in the center of an old T-shirt, then wrap the tennis ball completely and reinforce it with a rubber band. Voila! You have an effective DIY dog toy.

The materials are easy and safe and will provide your pup with a lot of entertainment. They will be occupied with the different textures from both the tennis ball and the T-shirt. If your pup seems to have a lot of extra energy, consider giving them a tennis ball T-shirt!

This DIY would work best for a pup that won't chew through the t-shirt instantly. If you have a pup that doesn't chew horribly, this may be the perfect toy for him.

6. A Frozen Sock

Balling up a sock and placing it in the freezer for a few hours can be a simple yet effective toy for an active dog.

Pups love something that they can chew on to help soothe their teething pain. A frozen sock will be safe and effective as you know exactly what you're giving your dog while not breaking the bank.

Try a Few!

If you find that your dog has a lot of pent up energy after his hour-long walk, he may need more stimulation. When this happens, most people's first thoughts are that they need to shell out for a new set of toys for their dog.

If you want to keep your crazy pup occupied without spending your life savings on new toys, consider making a few yourself. There are many DIY dog toy ideas available - like the ones above! - that can keep your pup just as happy as a $50 bone may.

Making some DIY pup-approved dog toys helps you save your wallet while keeping your dog healthy. The simple ingredients and materials ensure you know exactly what goes in your puppy's mouth. Plus, most of these materials - shirts, socks, tennis balls - can already be found inside your home! You have nothing to lose from trying out a simple DIY pup-approved dog toy.

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