Happy Pet Dental Health Month!

February 09, 2023
Plaque builds up on your dog and cat’s teeth much like it does ours. Give your fur baby a helping hand or wipe to keep their teeth clean and fresh and maintain optimal dental health. We know takin...
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Easy DIY Cat Treat Recipes

December 01, 2022
You love to pamper your cat. You let him snuggle on your lap, you know how exactly where he likes to be scratched under his chin, you bathe him with natural cat shampoo and you indulge him with tr...
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We Made Improvements to Our Grooming Wipes

November 11, 2021
You may be familiar with our grooming wipes, and how they are paw-fect for quick cleanups when your furry friend gets muddy paws or worse. While they are one of our most popular items, here at ear...
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How to Make Your Own DIY Pet Toys

September 18, 2019
Our beloved furry friends deserve nothing less than our unbridled love and affection. If you’re a pet owner, you know how rewarding it is to gift your animal with something that came from the heart...
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Is Tea Tree Oil Safe for Dogs and Cats?

July 11, 2018
Lots of people love using tea tree oil for skin conditions due to its antibacterial properties and refreshing scent, but is tea tree oil safe for pets? The good news is that more natural dog groomi...
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