Indoor Activities For Dogs During The Winter

Indoor Activities for Dogs During the Winter

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Winter weather usually means more time inside, which is a welcoming idea to those of us who want to curl up on the couch and binge-watch our favorite shows – but not for our pets who might get a little antsy cooped up inside. Instead of leaving your pets to their own devices, and possibly naughty behavior, here are some fun activities to engage your dog while stuck inside.

Find The Treat 

We know all dogs have an incredible sense of smell — so why not stash training treats (or even kibble pieces) around the house for your dog to find? Dogs will love utilizing their sniffing sense to track down delicious and rewarding snacks and will be eager to please. You can also fill up a Kong with their favorite treats (like peanut butter) for hours of fun.

Guess Which Box

You can also play a similar hidden treasure game by getting three boxes and stashing their favorite toy under one box and make your dog figure out which one it’s in. Once they start to get good at the game, try switching and moving the boxes around to give them more of a challenge. Make sure to reward them when they successfully find “the prize”. 


A play rope and some tug-o-war time will give your dog some good fun while burning off some energy. It also never hurts to “let” them win more often than not – word on the street is that it makes you the “fun” one to play with. 

Puzzle Challenges

There are countless interactive games and puzzles for dogs on the market now – but you can even make some from scratch at home. Grab a muffin tin and some tennis balls and hide a prize under one tennis ball for them to find. Or make your own “chase toy” by tethering a ball to a string on a stick for them to follow and “catch”!

Water Bottle In A Sock

Something about the crunchy sounds sure makes dogs happy! Grab a water bottle and throw it in one of your old socks for your pup to chomp down and make that satisfying crunch. This is great for dogs who love to chew, chew, chew without destroying anything in the house. 

Netflix and Belly Scratches

As much as dogs love to stay active, some cuddling time on the couch with some belly scratches are usually always welcome. Time for you to find your favorite show or even a dog-centric show (think Puppy bowls, etc) and give that pup some love while both of you relax for a few. 

Are there other things you like to do with your pup while staying indoors? Share in the comments below!

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