We Made Improvements to Our Grooming Wipes

We Made Improvements to Our Grooming Wipes

You may be familiar with our grooming wipes, and how they are paw-fect for quick cleanups when your furry friend gets muddy paws or worse. While they are one of our most popular items, here at earthbath we're always striving to improve our products and our impact on the planet. We saw an opportunity to reduce the amount of plastic and improve the formulation of our wipes, including making them plant based, so we went for it! 

The new and improved packaging contains 79% less plastic, and earthbath grooming wipes are now made with FSC Certified Plant Fibers. The new formulation is vegan, gluten free, non gmo and cruelty free as well. Similar to all of our other products these grooming wipes are made in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients. We hope you will love the improvements as much as we do!

These handy plant-based wipes are the paw-fect way to clean your pets' dirty paws and undercoat, or to remove dander, drool, discharge & cling-ons. The ingredient list includes only mild cleansers to freshen, deodorize, and clean, with avocado oil, aloe vera & vitamin E to help moisturize both coat and skin. No matter you or your pup's waterless grooming needs we have a wipe for you. 

Choose from scented options like Mango Tango or Green Tea and Awapuhi, or you can stick to the Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Wipes if you or your pet are sensitive to fragrance. We even offer specially formulated Puppy Wipes with a refreshing wild cherry scent that make keeping your young pup clean much easier and Hypo-Allergenic Wipes specifically formulated for cats









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