Paw Care Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Paw Care Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

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We've been thinking about how we can help pet parents take care of their dog's paw pads and are excited that our new Treatment Balm for cracked paws, noses and hot spots will be in stores soon! Until then, summer is in full swing and it tends to be the time of year we head outdoors with our furry friends and are more active with them. From long hikes, trips to the beach or the neighborhood park these extra adventures mean your dog’s paw pads are getting more exposure to elements.

Below we are sharing our top three tips to help you take care of your dog’s paws this summer, because your dog’s paw health is an important part of their overall wellbeing. 

  1. Beat the heat during walks. Our first tip is to go for walks when it is cooler outside. This is typically early in the morning or just near sunset during the summer. Pavement and sand can get extremely hot and not feel good on your pup’s paws. If the temperatures are soaring feel the pavement yourself with your hand to get idea of what your dog will have to experience. If you must walk in the heat of the day it can be a good idea to find an area with grass and shade. Using a paw balm before you go outside could also help provide relief for your dog. 
  2. Preventative care can help avoid issues. Our next tips is all about simple paw maintenance that helps avoid unwanted issues. When you are outdoors with your dog it is a good idea to keep a lookout for potential hazards. Broken glass on a city street, prickly burrs in the countryside or a fishhook at the lake could all lead to paw troubles. When at home make sure to take care of your dog’s paws. Nails should be trimmed and paws should be checked frequently. If you use our grooming wipes after a walk make sure to take a look at our pups paws for any red flags. If her pads are not soft or cracked pads use our balm once a day to help. 
  3. Keep an eye on your dog when out in the heat. Our last tip is to look for signs of overheating or injury when out with your dog. Did you know when dogs become overheated they can sweat from their paws? If your dog is panting and has damp paw pads take action to get them out of the heat and place a cool washcloth on their paws. Being outdoors more can also lead to things getting lodged in between paw pads so keep an eye out for limping, excess licking or red paw pads. Another reason your dog may be excessive licking her paws this time of year is allergies. Contact with grass, weeds and pollen is a common source of irritation and wiping paws when you come inside can help, another good reason to use our grooming wipes after your summer adventures.   

Taking a little extra care of your dog’s paws can ensure you both get to enjoy all of summer’s adventures. From avoiding the heat, taking preventative paw care seriously and keeping an eye out for signs of trouble we hope you find the tips above helpful. If you're looking for more summer tips check out our blog on our summer travel pet essentials

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