Spring Shedding = Grooming Season

Spring Shedding = Grooming Season

We enjoyed combing through our library of grooming tips to help you get a handle on the flying fur this season and put together an infographic to help grooming tips to help with your shedding woes. Head to our Pinterest to find our top four shedding season tips

As you notice a lot more pet hair clinging to your clothes or tufting around the corners of your rooms, don’t worry, you’re not alone! With the rising temperatures of spring comes the shedding of those winter coats. In fact, dogs with double coats, like a Siberian husky or Alaskan malamute, usually shed once a year in the springtime by “blowing” their coat while short-haired dogs like labradors and pugs actually shed the most often and most continuously. You can read more about managing those shedding woes in our blog post series here.

For extra assistance controlling shedding check out our Shed Control collection, with ingredients like organic aloe vera, green tea and awapuhi to nourish and detoxify you dog's skin helping to relief excess shedding. 


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