Why should I wash my cat?

While most cats do a fine job cleaning themselves, some can use a little helping hand from their favorite human. Human cat allergies are also quite common, whether they be between owner and feline, or visitors to the home and your precious pussycat. Residual saliva and dander in the cat’s fur as well as in the home are the most common sources of such allergies and can be reduced dramatically through regular grooming and vacuuming of the home and furniture.

earthbath® offers a full line of grooming products for our feline friends. We have traditional Cat Shampoo, Waterless Grooming Foam for Cats, and Cat Wipes. Our Cat Shampoo is loaded with supple conditioners and emollients, while our Grooming Foam is a rub on, towel off solution for deep cleansing without the challenges and risks inherent in water-based bathing, and our Cat Wipes are the simplest solution to purrrfecting your pussy cat’s precious look and feel. With one wipe in each hand, apply a quick rotating motion from head to tail, and your kitty will look and feel better than ever before.

See our full Cat Collection here.

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