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What Makes a Quality Dog Shampoo?

May 17, 2011
We are passionate about animals: especially the dogs, cats, and horses who share our lives, our homes, and our beds (well, hopefully your horses aren’t sharing your bed!). Because our pets ar...
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Why Dogs Roll in Dead (or Other Smelly) Things

April 26, 2011
You’re taking your dog for a walk, perhaps down a verdant trail through the forest, or maybe along the beach, when your dog starts sniffing the ground with a bit more “focus” than is usual. He then...
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Dog Walking Etiquette: 5 Easy "Rules"

January 26, 2011
Though the “unspoken rules” of dog walking are as common sense to many of us dog owners and dog walkers as knowing what to do with our bottles and cans (recycle please!), or used Kleenex/other tras...
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