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earthbath's Dog of the Month

Dog of the MonthWe love your shampoo. I went through several brands, including baby shampoo, trying to find one that would work for my Havanese. He has sensitive skin and everything I tried left him dry or greasy or matted or smelling like a perfume counter. I talked to our groomer and she said a lot of dog shampoos are made from the same chemicals used in car washes. I went straight to the store and bought the only product I could find where I knew all of the ingredients - yours. I've been using the Oatmeal and Aloe shampoo and couldn't be more pleased. It has the most fantastic lather, even when diluted, making bath time so easy. My pup's constant scratching stopped and his coat is clean and soft. I've stocked up on your grooming wipes and spritzes, too. All of your products smell so wonderfully, my only problem now is choosing which one!

Thank you for having an outstanding product and being a company I'm proud to support.

- Amanda and Naruto

More Testimonials

I am a regular consumer of your Oatmeal and Aloe shampoo, I use it on my 4 dogs and 2 cats and have had great results. I love how it leaves their coat clean, soft and smelling great without any skin irritation. The fact that your product is cruelty free is a must for me...
- Ashley A. (and Mia, Tia, Gracie, Holly, Sonny and Felix)

I have severe allergies to many cosmetic ingredients and... I love your Clear Advantage Bar and the Hypoallergenic shampoo for my Sophie.
- Sharon

I want to thank you so very, very much for posting your comment on my blog! I actually replied to it, so please check out my reply.... I never realized what great customer service earthbath had, and now that I now I won't hesitate to try any of your other products! Thanks again!
- Rebecca B.

My husband has a guide dog. He uses this product on him every day, the Mango Tango scent. It makes such a difference in his coat.... We went through a short time when we ran out of the product and really became aware of how well your product works.... We have tried other deodorizing sprays, but none comes close to the lasting scent or the improved look of his coat as earthbath. I have not ever felt compelled to write a letter like this before, but I wanted you to know that we know how valuable your product is for our family. Thank you for what you do in bringing this type of quality product to the market.
- Shannon C.

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